Colonel Nichols of 'Friendly Fire' Fame and his Adulterous Liaisons

Colonel Nichols retired from the Air Force just as his protector, General John Jumper, retired.  What a coincidence.  Nevertheless, this web site will remain active to preclude Davey from playing the 'victim' card and to show his hypocrisy should he try to don the laurels of a hero for his past service.  You're not a hero Davey, just an old fighter pilot with lots of gas, but no more fuel.

Once upon a time there was a supposed hot shot fighter pilot in command of the 332 Air Expeditionary Group in Kuwait flying missions into Afghanistan.  While he was in command, two of his fly boys shot up an allied force and killed 4 Canadian soldiers and wounded 8 others.  The two Majors were originally spared a courts martial.  One accepted non-judicial punishment (an Article 15) left the service and is flying full time for American Airlines.  The other declined the the non-judicial punishment and elected to face a courts martial.  After a year of the being jerked around by the military court system, on June 23, 2004, the second pilot finally agreed to accept an Article 15.  So the maximum penalty he will face is 30 days arrest in quarters, loss of half a months pay for two months and a letter of reprimand.  I'm sure Lt General Carlson at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, will be happy for this to go away.  

Nevertheless, the intrepid hero, Colonel David C. Nichols, has already been punished.  Because he was in command and did nothing to remove the problems leading to the incident he was given a Letter of Reprimand.  This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  Originally, he was going to be charged along with the pilots, but his protectors stepped in and he was lightly chastised.

Naturally, he whined about being punished.  With his excuses he tried to avoid his responsibility as a commander and an officer.  Read for yourself his whimpering about 'it's someone else's fault.'


Davey, actually got away with his career basically intact.  The LOR is trivial and he received a 'plum' position at the National War College, Fort McNair, Washington, DC.  Despite this great job, a wife, and two children, Davey conducts regular extra marital activities.   His best known case of adultery was with a Department of the Air Force civilian, Michelle McGinley.  

There is a great deal of information available about the adulterous contact.  Michelle McGinley's husband complained to Air Force officials repeatedly but his complaints were ignored.  It appears the adultery started around January 23, 2001.  Nichols took Mrs McGinley for a 'business' trip to Langley AFB, VA.  From January through March 2001, many calls were exchanged between Davey and Michelle.  Tracking these calls from phone records shows the Davey and his paramour had a liaison on Friday, February 16, 2001.  Michelle left work around 3:30 and hadn't picked the children at day care at 6:30.  This was the last day Nichols would be in town prior to taking two weeks leave (with his family) in Europe.

There was another incident in March 2001 while both were in Orlando, Florida for 'training.'  Nichols and McGinley had adjoining rooms at the hotel.  Michelle's husband spoke with his wife and with Nichols during that stay.  Both lied to him about several things.  Michelle said she had a rental car - Nichols said he gave Michelle a ride to the hotel from the airport.  Michelle said she didn't know Nichols was there but there was a call to his room from her cell phone just prior to her flight departing from Florida.  

After Michelle's husband reported Nichols to Brigadier General James Moorhouse.  Moorhouse issued a 'no contact' order.  Nichols spoke with the husband and said 'nothing was going on' and he would not contact Michelle again.  In this conversation Nichols gave his word as an officer.  (Read further and find out how much his word is worth.)


 J.P McGinley complained to the Air Force Judge Advocate at the Pentagon, the 9th Air Force Judge Advocate, the Air Force Inspector General, and the Office of Special Investigation.  They all did nothing.

Nothing was done about the female Air National Guard liaison, a Staff Sergeant, who Nichols invited to his quarters in Kuwait to 'sunbathe' in privacy.  She was also reported as having called Nichols by his first name in front of others on numerous occasions.  The OSI got involved in the fraternization problem around April 5, 2002, about two weeks before the 'friendly fire' incident.  The deaths of 4 Canadian soldiers and the wounding of 8 others eclipsed all this activity.

So Nichols bides his time at Fort McNair and waits for retirement.  His reason for being there is not clear.  What possible information could he impart to his students?  Other staff members have described their background and qualifications on the National War College web site - Take a look and see that Nichols provides nothing.  I doubt this is a measure for national security.  It's probable his academic credentials do not measure up.  Still, with the Air Force tolerating gross violations of the UCMJ (and the killing of allies) its clear the Air Force needs a specialist to teach courses such as:  Adultery with a Subordinate, How to Dodge Blame, and Advanced Field Grade Ass-Kissing Techniques.  Does he really teach a seminar on "How to Develop a 'Drip-Dry' Conscience?"  Then there is his capstone course:  Ethics Comes After Ego - Just Look in the Dictionary."  His lack of intellectual horsepower and academic qualifications places him in the background of the NWC where he can comfortably finish his Air Farce career after getting away clean with the adultery and a very mild reprimand for his part in the killing of 4 of our allies.  For Duty, Honor, Country - read Ego, Ego, Ego.  This has become part of the Air Force Tradition.

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