Much of this material was taken from previous Captain amErika websites.  The information presented here is to show supposed 'leaders' that Captain amErika committed serious violations of military law and was still promoted to Major.  The Air Force members responsible for this site find these actions intolerable.  Captain amErika received special treatment because she was an officer - and this type of discrimination is a disgrace to the Air Force and the Nation.  The point of this site is to show the stupidity of senior Air Force leadership and place the embarrassment of Captain amErika before the entire public.

Events launched by Captain amErika's ex-husband caused her to be lightly punished by the Air Force.  She has been permitted to remain in the Air Force Reserve and works as a civilian employee of the National Security Agency.  She has received special treatment.  Despite her removal from active duty, her story needs to remain posted.  Her actions and lack of action by the Air Force must be visible.  This site will remain active because Captain amErika's story should not fade into urban legend.  Contributions have kept this site open for 4 years.  Current funds will keep this site open until at least 2010.  (The next update is expected to be Captain amErika's success or failure for promotion for Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve or maybe her arrest for failure to register as a sex offender in Maryland.)  

The material is not copyrighted and all pictures are in the public domain.

Big Ass, Little Tits, Thick Ankles, No Integrity

Capt amErika - no sperm on faceThe title is just a quick description of Captain amErika.  Captain amErika is also known as Erika Proctor-Griffith; a bitter, unattractive, middle-aged, civilian employee of the National Security Agency.

Erika Proctor came to national attention while she was an Air Force Major on active duty and had an affair with General Michael V. Hayden while both were in Bosnia in 2001.  She is now trying to hide at the National Security Agency because she embarrassed so many people with her antics at Tyndall AFB, Florida, where she was unable to present a positive image of the Air Intelligence Agency. While  stationed at Tyndall AFB Florida, she accepted non-judicial punishment for sodomy.  She was removed from active duty, but permitted to remain in the reserve despite her 'sexual offense.'  In fact, while being removed from active duty she was hired as a civilian employee at the National Security Agency.  It is quite clear influence came into play.  She was removed from a high visibility position at Tyndall and slid into her job in Maryland with barely a ripple, despite the fact the 'leaders' at AIA and at Tyndall were fed up with her. With no professionalism and no credibility, she was given a prime position at NSA.  Was this based on merit?  You decide.

      Captain amErika
       AKA Erika Proctor


Just as a dog will return to its own vomit, Captain amErika returned to Fort Meade, Maryland.  This website was created by the original webmaster because Gen Michael V. Hayden, Director of NSA, committed adultery with her while on temporary duty to Bosnia in 2001. She was a SIGINT site commander in Sarajevo when Mikey came to visit.  Although both were investigated, rank came into play and both remain unpunished for that matter.  Is there some other reason why Captain amErika returned to NSA?  Did she exert influence on her former boyfriend to get back under his wing?  Did she threaten to tell the world about their affair?  Did Captain amErika blackmail the head of NSA to get a civilian job?  Does she have plans now that Mikey has moved on.  She retains her Air Force Reserve commission with an assignment to the 29th Intelligence Squadron.  She is the Coordinator for Unimportant and Negligible Tasking (CUNT). Since it's clear Mikey used his influence to keep her from a courts-martial at Tyndall AFB, he will be called upon again when she is due for promotion in the Reserve.  The only question is:  Can she slurp her way to Lieutenant Colonel? Will the 'slap on the wrist' she received for her stupidity at Tyndall interfere with a promotion in the Reserve to LtCol?      


                                                                                                                                                                    Gen M. V. Hayden, USAF (Regurgitated)


Domestic Intelligence?  There might be one other reason for Captain amErika to be hired by NSA.  She has a Master's degree from George Washington University in Telecommunications Management.  (How she got into the program with a "C" average as an undergrad, I'll never know.)  It might be that NSA needs a lot of people to manage a growing domestic intelligence effort that looks for terrorists over our internal phone network.  Is NSA listening to our phone calls from Decatur to Dubuque?  Yes!  . . . and that takes a lot of people.  Also, it doesn't matter if they've been disciplined for 'conduct unbecoming.'  In fact, it's better if they don't have any morals at all.  



Captain amErika was very free with her “charms” (while married) with numerous others. So she has no claim to honor or integrity. This web page is to inform the public that she committed punishable offenses and got away with a slap on the wrist and a soft job at NSA.  This web site is also a warning to all her co-workers: You can’t trust her. She will work in her own self-interest and further her career, just as Michael Hayden is finding out.  Right or wrong has nothing to do with her decisions.  You can only depend upon her to do what will get her promoted.   Don’t expect any compassion or understanding. She is a stone-cold bitch. This website is dedicated to the people wrongly punished by the military and to put the spotlight on those that should have been, such as Captain amErika.  Did she suck his dick?  Has she committed sodomy?    The Air Force thought so, but sucking dick is it's own reward.  She is safe as an NSA civilian and a Major in the Air Force Reserve. 

Captain amErika may have had additional influence applied on her job application at NSA.  Erika Proctor also had an affair with an intelligence analyst employed by NSA beginning in 2001, a man named Jack Griffith.  Perhaps he, like Hayden, likes hairy women like Captain amErika.  The pics on her porno page show she is not very particular with her personal hygiene.  Her failure to shave anything (including her moustache) is evident from the reports of Sasquatch being sighted buying Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream at the Gulf Foods store on Highway 98 in Mexico Beach, Florida, just east of Tyndall AFB.  Reports of this type can now be expected from Odenton, Maryland, where she lives with Jack Griffith.  Jack is Captain amErika's roommate in his Odenton condo.  He must like middle-aged, hairy women.  Perhaps, to fulfill his fetish, he helped Captain amErika get a job at NSA.  

Jack E. Griffith is just the current person she is using. Jack was Captain amErika's boyfriend long before she was divorced by Kevin Furlong.  Jack helped and encouraged her to leave her husband and arranged for her stuff (and some of his) to be moved out while her husband was at work.  This happened in April 2001.  The divorce was in February 2003.  They kept up the association while she was stationed in Florida and still married.  After she was fired from the Air Force, she got a job at NSA and moved directly into his house.  How can he trust her?  It can't be her dubious sex appeal.  Perhaps she fulfills his fetish.  

Hey Jack, if you're looking for fidelity, forget it.  It's hard to see since you're part of the problem.  And what happened to Kimberly?  Can't you see yourself as just another notch on Captain amErika's bedpost?  Does Security (M4) know?  They will.  They will be talking with you (not Captain amErika) soon.  Another word to you, Jack, she'll dispose of you like a used tampon when you can't be used any more.  Hope you have a solid agreement about the house you're buying together.  You're a fool if you think you'll come out of this with a profit from your $757,690 investment.  And you're a goddam fool if you married her.  (It turns out he IS a goddam fool.  He married her in October, 2007.  What an idiot.)  It's just a matter of time before the house becomes hers alone.  She'll get tired of you and somebody else will take your place.  Pay close attention when the 'wealth dissipation' light comes on.  Gee Jack, is that you in any of the pictures on this site?  Remember to send your pics and movies to the webmaster. They can't be worse than what's already posted. 

Jack and Captain amErika are enjoying domestic bliss in Odenton, MD.

That bliss could be short-lived.  Captain amErika committed a sexual offense and the Air Force punished her.  This makes Captain amErika a sexual offender.  Under Maryland law, she is required to be listed as a sex offender.  Information has been sent to the Maryland Attorney General and the Anne Arundel county police.  Wonder how this will affect her Top Secret clearance?  How will the neighbors like it?  How will the Winchester Homes real estate development company like having a sex offender in the community when they are trying to sell more homes?  Life should be wonderful when that house is targeted as "that's where the sex offender lives."  And the community will certainly be aware of a 'sex offender' dwelling.

Captain amErika's History
Never had it, never will.
  Captain amErika's first recorded lack of integrity began early when she was ‘intimate’ with her junior high school band instructor, Matthew McInturf. Her involvement with this man is detailed in her ‘diary’ – actually, this journal was therapy for her attempted suicide.    

Click on the document to see a full size version.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read these two documents. 

Her fascination with older men continued through high school when she dated Rhys Blavier. He was a manager where she worked.  She showed an interest in him despite the 10 year age difference.  She strung him along for a few years and then dumped him while she was in college and found fresh meat.  She moved on to her German instructor, Andre LeFevre, a 50+ year old man (now deceased). Another aspect of Captain amErika’s lack of integrity shows her college transcript with multiple “D” grades in linguistics. However, her grade for German translation was an “A.” Imagine all the French involved.      

Following her graduation from college, she married her ROTC instructor, Kevin Furlong. She dumped him after nine years because he was a hindrance to her career. The marriage didn’t limit her quest for older men for sex. Some of her paramours were an Army warrant officer while she was in Bosnia, LtGen Hayden while he visited Bosnia in 2001, a Master Sergeant while she was at Tyndall and, of course, Jack. This list could go on . . .  (Captain amErika once remarked that when she was feeling 'very slutty' she would have a matinee with LeFevre, make a stop to see Furlong, and then go home to Owens for a finale.  So Jack, what's she bringing to your bed?  Or doing in your bed when you're not there?  Were you aware she was going back to Furlong now-and-then before the divorce was final and she was seeing you?  That's what you can expect for fidelity, Jack. You'll always be wondering who else is currently tickling her hemorrhoids.)

One of her main interests, other than chasing older men, is riding a bicycle. She was part of the Atomic Bicycle Racing Team in Florida.  On the Florida racing circuit, she was known as Erika “DL” Proctor. The “DL” stands for “Dead Last.”  Her present team, the  Chesapeake Wheelmen, a distinguished but not discriminating  cycling club, has glossed over her record and accepted her for just another female body on the roster.  It's clear they understand she can only be described as an enthusiast because she's not an athlete.

On May 24, 2004, just before she left for Maryland, Captain amErika placed third (last) in Pensacola, Florida at the Miracle Ride. This is a complete listing, not an excerpt: 

                                                         Not a miracle result   'Dead Last' again.

Maybe she can find a race where there are no other women in her category.  First and last place all in one.  Her 'achievement' was lauded in local newspapers and on the web.  However, the important fact that only three people were in the category was not publicly acknowledged.

Her record has improved slightly since returning to Maryland.  But, she still finishes in the bottom 15% of her group, when she finishes.  (She's in Category IV, there are no lower groups.)  She may be an competitor, but she's not a challenger.  She is a joke as a cyclist and an Air Force Reserve officer.   In May, 2005, she couldn't even finish a race in Maryland.  In June, 2005, she finished tied for 51st out of 64 - in Cat IV.  Shit, why compete?  How often does she need to be reminded she's a loser.  In the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association (MABRA) Cat IV standings, she is struggling to remain at 68th (tied with another 8) in an overall field of 81.  Yep, what a contender!

Finishing the 2005 season, Captain amErika showed her true talent and stamina. 


Her display in Reston, VA, showed she has the balls of Lance Armstrong.  It's a shame she only broke her wrist.  However, her 'boyfriend' Jack E. Griffith, (NSA wizard), just smiles when asked about Captain amErika's new 'fisting' ability.

Fat Bottomed girls,                 
get on your bikes and ride!    
- Freddy Mercury       

So you want to see what all the excitement is all about.

Capt amErika

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