Captain amErika's Death Threat:

This email was received on August 28, 2002, from Justin Case - the wording and syntax of the message indicate Captain amErika sent the message:

Dont think that this crap you are trying to do to your estranged spouse goes unnoticed Furlong. It is noticed, but not in the way that you would like it. Being a Major was nice wasnt it Kev? Its too bad Kev that the Air Force didnt bust your sorry ass down below Captain. You are such a liar also Kev. You really should quit registering at Military Billeting as a Major. Everyone knows now what a poor excuse you are for a man, and what a dried up turd you really are. Are you still taking all that medication for the voices in your head Kev? Prozac wasnt it Kev? Say, you wouldnt be thinking of hurting yourself, would you Kev? Thats probably too much to hope for though isnt it Kev? That apartment you live in is a shit hole, and that convertible fag Camaro you drive is usually reserved for old homos cruising for young boys. Is that what you are into now Kev? We know that you are dumb, but are you so stupid that you dont realize that your estranged has friends that are dangerous and capable? That Postal Box you keep wont save you either. Your web antics are also exposed Kev. The eye is on your sorry ass Furlong, and that credit card trail of yours reads like a road map. We know where you are and where you have been. The shit you are doing could be bad for your health Furlong. Stop this website shit now, and the other juvenile crap you are trying to do. If you dont, you may end up suffering greatly. Your sorry ass needs to go away, or the potential for harm could come to you if you keep up with your shit. That box of child porn could cause you a lot of trouble also Furlong. Wanna see how fast a warrant can be put together, signed and executed so that all of your property can be taken, along with having your lame ass hauled off to jail? What? You say you dont have any child porn! Thats not what we heard Kev. Your screwing with the wrong people Furlong. Maybe you should hire a scumbag PI to look after your sorry ass, and to keep watch behind those narrow shoulders of yours. You need to stop eating at Burger King on Air Force bases too Kev. Your not very photogenic. That is quite a gut you have growing there now, or maybe it is just all that beer you drink. Stop your shit now you scumbag, low ranking piece of white trash. The eye is on you. Know itFeel it...Live it!

The Reaper


Larry New has done 'jack shit' about the threat and her real commander (LtCol Greg Haege) at Lackland AFB has been informed.  Security Police and the OSI at Tyndall were called and laughed about "The Reaper."  The event took a long time to be logged because everyone was laughing too hard. 

Special Agent Douglas Hartwell of the Tyndall AFB OSI detachment (850-283-3261)  has discussed the matter with me, as well as Special Agent Jim Robertson of the FBI (850-873-3702).  If anyone viewing this site has information regarding this death threat, please contact either of the phone numbers listed or the email provided.

It's a death threat and despite it being stupid, it's real.

Since the Air Force has ignored this death threat.  This is the message header has been provided to the Austin Police Department.  The static IP is enough information for the police to request a customer ID on the sender.  Then the police will turn the matter over to the district attorney and Captain amErika will go to jail.  The subpoena story had changed!  Since the source of the incident is in Florida, a complaint has been made to the Bay County Sheriff's Department.  (The Panama City Police Department was considered but Mexico Beach [where Captain amErika lives] is not under the jurisdiction of the PCPD.  The investigator is looking into the case and I'm sure Captain amErika will be the first to know the results.  Next time I talk with the investigator I'll ask if she will be arrested on-base or if she'll get a knock on her front door.  This loose-end will be wrapped up soon.

The Bay County Sheriff's Department is sending subpoenas for account information about Captain amErika's email death threat to:

Yahoo! Custodian of Records
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale , CA 94089  

(Yahoo shut off Captain amErika's account but requires a subpoena for additional info.)

Comcast Cable Communications, Inc
3 Executive Campus
Cherry Hill , NJ   08002

Comcast High Speed Internet
1316 Harrison Avenue
Panama City , Florida   32401

Assault of this type is a Class B misdemeanor in Texas and in Florida.  Could mean some jail time for Captain amErika.  It also means a ticket out of the Air Force, if she hasn't gotten one already.  It should also cost her any Involuntary Separation Allowance if the AF is in the process of easing her out gently.

It's not over, more to follow.

Looks like Tim at Post Yourself Naked (  was right.  
Erika does have a killer ass or maybe just a killer mentality.  Permanent injunction, here we come.

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