(January 2008)

Captain amErika was separated from the Air Force Reserve in December 2007.  She failed to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was involuntarily separated from the Air Force.  She is now a civilian and her military status is veteran. 

(July 2004)

Captain amErika is now a National Security Agency (NSA) civilian.  Despite the fact she was given a slight 'slap on the wrist' for her stupidity at Tyndall AFB, she retains an Air Force Reserve commission.  With her disciplinary action so recent, will she be considered for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel (Reserve) soon?  Let's watch.

The webmaster recently received a request from her ex-husband to take this site down.  He said she had been 'punished' and removed from Active Duty - that was enough.  Nevertheless, the webmaster believes Captain amErika was lightly punished because General Hayden intervened and stopped her possible courts-martial.  The webmaster also believes Hayden used his influence to get Captain amErika a civilian position at NSA. These two actions show that Captain amErika is still a prime example of unethical and possibly illegal conduct.  This is intolerable.  How did she manage to keep a Top Secret/SCI/Polygraph clearance?  Influence is the obvious answer.  (Blackmail should also be considered.  Could Hayden still owe her something for not spilling her guts about the 'one night stand' in Sarajevo Bosnia in 2001?) Captain amErika is still the arch-careerist and deserves to be ridiculed.  This page will remain active and the pics and movies show her real conduct.  She remains a perfidious bitch.


(August 2003 Information)

The new webmaster says Captain amErika was promoted to Major.  THE REAL QUESTION IS:  
If you were a Senior Airman would you have been CONSIDERED FOR promotION?

Let me look into my crystal ball . ..

Promotion?  Captain amErika was promoted to Major and sent to Tyndall AFB as the Air Intelligence Agency representative to 1st Air Force.  (She was removed from the position for disciplinary reasons.)  

Captain amErika's selection for promotion is not surprising.  She probably would have made it even without sucking up.  (The statistics show Captain amErika in the top 92.5% of her year group.  This means only 7.5% of those eligible were not selected.  Even with her adultery and sodomy allegations proven, she could have been promoted.  She had a pulse, she was selected.)  Nevertheless, her fate will be decided by the results of the current investigation.  Her promotion is not guaranteed.  With so many people looking, it will take a lot of balls for Hayden, Lebras, and others, to cover-up her wrongdoing and pretend nothing happened.  Looking the other way and ignoring complaints won't work.  Lebras and others at AIA have ignored my Freedom of Information Act requests.  This failure by this general officer (and others in command) to comply with US law has drawn the attention of the HQ Air Force Inspector General.  The more people watching, the better these people might behave.  The spotlight of the media may cause a decision to be made according to the law, not according to favoritism.  Shakespeare wrote: "The law hath not been dead, though it hath slept." It's past time for the law to wake up and punish the guilty.    

Beyond Promotion - Captain amErika has not been selected to attend an Intermediate Service School.   On January 24, 2003, the Air Force Personnel Center published the Intermediate Service School (ISS) selection list.  Although considered, Captain amErika's name was not on the list.  After the promotion board publishes their results, a second board considers eligible selectees for an Intermediate Service School such as the Air Command and Staff College.  Although she may have been a command favorite prior to the complaints made last August, she is now an embarrassment and a  liability to the Air Intelligence Agency.  This is one of the telltale signs the Air Force has shown in suddenly finding her not to be the leader they imagined.  There may be many different reasons for the non-selection to ISS, but it shows that Captain amErika does not get everything she wants.  

No Prosecution for Sodomy - The 8th Air Force Inspector General has examined the pictures and tapes closely.  In fact, he probably spent hours looking at the tape and had experts view the tape with him.  After these hours of serious study, the IG finally admitted that Captain amErika committed sodomy in the tape.  Incredible!  The IG actually gave official acknowledgment of Captain amErika's violation of Article 125 of the UCMJ.  

Now, how will the drama continue?  How will the sodomy article be interpreted?  Will her commander and his SJA press for a court martial, or present an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment for all the non-military types), or will it be ignored as 'youthful indiscretion' or some other excuse?  The ACLU has been asked to monitor the situation.  Equal application of the law is essential in this society - even if it is a stupid law like the sodomy article.  The reason the ACLU has been contacted is to make an effort for the sodomy article to be eliminated.  The military has no business regulating what goes on in anyone's bedroom.  

No Punishment for Other Offenses - The IG report remanded Captain amErika's other offenses (failure to pay legitimate debts, failure to provide spousal support, violation of security regulations) back to her immediate commander for action.  Nothing was done. It appears the 67th IOG has adopted the Air Force norm in trying to ignore the question.  The person responsible for ignoring the obvious is LtCol Gregg Haege. He shouldn't make himself look more stupid than he has already shown.  If you mention Haege and 'firm, responsible leadership' in the same sentence people will think you're telling a joke.  We're all waiting for the punchline, Greg.

(July 2004 comment:  Captain amErika was punished for something and removed from Active Duty.  The webmaster does not know the exact nature of the offense.  Can anybody provide a little info?)

Promotion to LtCol?  Captain amErika has really dodged a lot a bullets.  She got promoted to Major.  She got a Detachment Chief job at Tyndall AFB, but got fired.  So what's next?

Should she get promoted?  Don't think so.  She's at Fort Meade because somebody used influence to help her.  Will the Reserve promote her?  First, she has no credibility as an officer.  That's what got her fired at Tyndall.  The second part is her superiors can't trust her not to screw subordinates.  She was removed at the AIA Detachment Chief at Tyndall AFB because our Canadian allies literally laughed her off the base and other reasons.  During her past year at NSA she has filed to regain any credibility and remains chained to her desk.    

Captain amErika was promoted to Major under dubious circumstances.  Had she remained on active duty, her promotion recommendation form should have read something like this:

Captain amErika has proven over the last several years that she is an ineffective and untrustworthy officer.  She has failed to resolve issues from her personal life that have a negative impact on her performance and ability to operate as a military officer.  She appears to have no interest in, or is incapable of, removing graphic movies and pictures of her engaged in various sexual acts published on the Internet. These images reflect badly upon her and the US Air Force.  These images contributed directly to her removal from a leadership position at Tyndall AFB.  Her lack of ability as a leader and unsuitable image as an officer make her unfit for promotion.  Do not promote.

I'm sure the Air Force Reserve will still think she is LtCol material.


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