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Captain amErika, and the Air Farce establishment she represents, have been under attack by this webmaster for several months.  The ESTABLISHMENT has finally realized there is something wrong and attacked the menace questioning the status quo.


The response was not very swift and extremely weak.  Most would say it was a "limp dick" reply.  The webmaster received the letter shown below that barred him from entering the Fort Meade military base.

Please note the webmaster's address is in Texas.  The disbarment is for a base in Maryland.  Guess I must be a real threat since I'm over 1,500 miles away.  Or is this military logic?  I guess the federal statute was quoted for me so the Colonel-drone wouldn't have to stretch his brain to think of something to fill the rest of the page.  

Is Daddy DIRNSA really threatened by me exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech?  (From 1,500 miles away.)  Seems more likely the military is trying to build a file saying I'm a threat, by trying to establish a bogus threat.  This isn't the first time.  

What exactly is threatening about the web site?  Where is the harassment?  I've asked questions no one wants to answer.  I guess this must be harassment from the Army viewpoint (and everyone knows how fucked-up that is).  

In any case, I have asked Mr. Ives, the installation cmdr, to provide me with the reasoning behind his decision.  With a Freedom of Information Act request dated November 14, 2002, I have asked this dupe to give a solid reason.  

I have no personal vendetta against Mr. Hayden; despite fact my wife said she had sex with him in Bosnia last summer.  I have heard nothing from him denying my wife's statement.  In fact, I wonder why Mr. Hayden has secured the services of a civilian attorney.  This Lenny Moodespaw has sent me a letter demanding I remove all references to Mr. Hayden and insert an apology.

Why has Mr. Hayden hired a civilian lawyer?  Why can't he go the the Air Force Judge Advocate General and get an Air Force lawyer to threaten me?  Is he afraid to come clean with an AF JAG?  Is there something he would rather not say in front of an Air Force attorney that might get him in trouble?  Is it possible he might say something that an Air Force attorney might construe as a criminal statement?  It might be possible, so a civilian attorney is much safer.  Guess Daddy DIRNSA must be worried about something.  Is there more than one person who stood for promotion on their knees?  If not my wife, how about some other cunt that wants an easy track to promotion?

Hey, DIRNSA, (1) the FBI boys that pounded on my door weren't interested in your well-being and thought your attack on me (through M-Group) was goofy.  (2) Your civilian lawyer makes you look bad.  (3) The IRS sending letters to me about tax returns from several years ago won't make me budge either.  (I've got records to support everything so I'm ready and willing to hit this one.)  I'm safe, but the real loser will be Captain amErika since she has no records.  Your 'acquaintance,' Captain amErika will not appreciate your calling upon the IRS.  It's going to cost her many thousands of dollars.  But what do you care?  Now that the bitch as become a liability, dump her and begin the cover-up.  Work fast and you might still be able to retire with 3 stars.

The FBI did not shut down the site but asked Kevin Furlong to remove addresses of NSA employees from the content.  Furlong complied.

Pretty wimpy response by a 3-star.  Is that all you've got?  I thought you'd manage something with more balls.  I'm not impressed.  Keeping a low profile is a pretty good idea.  Especially since you've been named in a divorce action for adultery with Captain amErika.

After the divorce -

Quid noc?
So what is next for Daddy DIRNSA?  He has been out of the picture for quite some time.  I haven't heard a word from him or his lawyer.  Will his participation end as a whimper?  That depends upon Captain amErika.  As the Air Force starts to squeeze her out of the service, she may explode like a ripe pimple and give us a gush of answers about her relationship with Mickey.  It probably won't do her any good, but she may feel she needs to take someone with her when she goes.  Ask him how he feels at mvhayden@nsa.gov

At this 2005 juncture where the jedi knight is now going to be Deputy Thug to a questionable ambassador, why shouldn't Captain amErika get promoted to Lieutenant Colonel?  The honor and dignity of serving in the Armed Forces has greatly diminished with the cavalier attitude shown by our present Fuhrer.  It appears that Hayden 'drank the kool-aid' and was admitted to the Bush inner circle.  Seems Hayden wanted the fourth star more than he cared for his dignity.  Of course, he couldn't have cared for his dignity by rolling in the mud with Captain amErika.

He's gone from NSA and unless Captain amErika can work some blackmail, she's gone too.  Lying about $17,000 in back taxes to the Comptroller of Maryland and lying to the 8th Air Force IG about her adulterous conduct with Jack Griffith will probably be too much for the SJA to hide now that her Sugar Daddy(DIRNSA) is gone.

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