This is very old information but useful if you want to see how things get covered up.


If you would like to comment to the Air Force, please contact:

Secretary of the Air Force/IGQ
Colonel James Worth, USAF

1140 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC  20330-1140

(703) 588-1531

Secretary of the Air Force/IGS
Colonel Thomas Oldham, USAF
1140 Air Force Pentagon
 Washington, DC  20330-1140

(703) 693-3584

Somebody tell this old fart at 8th Air Force that SAC is dead.  Then ask him why he likes Captain amErika so much -  and why he wants to bring the Webmaster back on active duty to punish him.  Have you 'made up' the charges yet?

"Why didn't Haege do his job?

LG Brucie Carlson
Commander ⅛ Air Force
Barksdale AFB, LA  71110-2279

(318) 456-2145

Try calling his flunkey - if you can reach him
Col Dennis 'Lackey' Lange, Inspector Genital
(318) 456-2813, (318) 456-4869

Or contact the Air Intelligence Agency,

"Let somebody else decide."

Commander, Air Intelligence Agency
MG Paul Lebras, USAF 
(wimp extraordinaire)
2 Hall Blvd, Room 201
San Antonio, TX  78243
(210) 977-2001


"Got any more pictures?"

Vice Commander, Air Intelligence Agency
BG Neal
(No Clue) Robinson, USAF
2 Hall Blvd, Room 201
San Antonio, TX  78243

(210) 977-2002

Or Captain amErika's former commander who was transferred to Lackland AFB:

Is it over yet?

Colonel Kathryn Gauthier
Commander, 67 Information Operations Wing
248 Kirknewton St
San Antonio, TX  78243
(210) 977-3234

She has just let Captain amErika do her thing while she was at Fort Meade.  Was this a sexually motivated action?  Maybe Kathy has a soft spot (or a little hard spot for Captain amErika).  She moved from Fort Meade, NSA, to AIA in Texas.  Guess it just shows how these folks protect themselves.  I bet if there were pictures of Kathy blowing her boyfriend on the net she wouldn't have been transferred.  In any case, Captain amErika will stay at Fort Meade, at the 29th Intelligence Squadron and never move again.  She can shuffle paperwork until she retires.  I doubt Captain amErika will get any further chance to be even thought a leader.

Or her former boss at the 67th:


67th Information Operations Group (AIA)/CD
Lt Col Gregg
"Backbone?" Haege, USAF
248 Kirknewton St
San Antonio, TX  78243
(210) 977-3242

Greg Haege shouldn't count on getting promoted or even keeping his present job.  He committed a grave error by not making a decision to keep his superiors out of trouble.  He let this matter become an embarrassment to his unit and the 'stars' that run AIA.  Hey Greg, consider yourself one of the casualties of this mess.  You didn't take action last August to limit the damage to the command.  You've made your superiors look like fools.  (Not too hard.)  But most of all, you refused to make a decision.  You fucked up.  Better think hard about putting in your retirement paperwork.  You're finished.

Chump Fred W. Gortler III, USAF
Fuckwad that inherited this mess
Thought to herd the 70th Intelligence Wink

and these stupid fucks that, along with Gortler, tolerate shit like Captain amErika among them.
Really JJ, how can you stand it?  Yeah, that's Kathy in there too.
So much honor for the 694IG and the 29IS.

Shitbags all.

Don't bother, this asshole and the bitch are gone from Tyndall.

The rest is ancient history.

Read this stuff for a laugh and some insight into how the AF really  works.

Or contact authorities at Tyndall AFB, Florida:

- Making the world safe for hypocrisy -

325th Fighter Wing/CC
BG Larry D. New, USAF
445 Suwanne Rd, Building 662, Room E
Tyndall AFB, FL  32403

(850) 283-2668

 The Webmaster sent a personal message to Larry New requesting why he fully supports an officer who has committed adultery, performed sodomy, failed to pay proper debts, committed perjury in a Maryland court, and performed indecent acts in public.  

Larry declined to reply.

He should be thinking about how he will answer these questions when they are asked by members of Congress and the media.  Even though I'm busting Larry's balls, he's still impotent about taking care of the problem.  He won't make the decision, the decision will be made by the politicians wearing stars in San Antonio, TX.  The decision is a 'command decision' and Larry is really a spectator.

I have sent a personal email to Larry New informing him of the handgun owned by Captain amErika and asked him to impound the weapon.  Despite the harm she could cause me or herself, he has not responded.  Notification about the handgun and Captain amErika's propensity for harm was also sent the SJA.  Larry and many others have also been sent copies of Captain amErika's email to me of her intent to commit suicide while in Bosnia.  This is your Air Force's positive action in suicide prevention - nothing.  When the proceedings start against her regarding the sodomy violation, don't blame me if her brains are splattered all over her ceiling.

Take a look at the Offenses page and read about LtCol Karen Tew, USAF.


Larry New is your 21st Century Air Force leader, he sets the example; so where is the justice, concern, action?

There isn't any.

Just ask the Commander's hatchet man, eh person (and pissant spectator).  LeEllen knows how the protection game works.  She saw it first-hand when her husband was the SJA assigned to the 16th Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida.  He was protected after getting a DUI.  His violation of the UCMJ was ignored.  He is still on active duty.  I wonder how he likes things in Georgia.

(insert appropriate AF picture)

325th Fighter Wing/SJA
LtCol LeEllen Coacher, USAF
445 Suwanee Road, Building 662, Room 110

(850) 283-4681

It is an embarrassment that Larry has not ordered the SJA to act.  So Deellen's (unofficial) pic will stay to show the lack of impact that Larry and the SJA have shown.  As a lawyer she should applaud my effective use of the First Amendment.

The real truth is no one can trust any SJA.  These assholes are interested in numbers, not justice.  In order to get promoted they have to win cases - it doesn't matter if the case is silly, stupid, or outrageous; they will prosecute until they win.  In the process, they will ignore all civil and constitutional rights, make up facts that support the case, any consistently deny they have done anything wrong.  The entire process is stacked in their favor.  So unless you are one of the "protected," being accused is the same as being guilty.  It's very much like what occurred during the French Revolution when someone shouted "j'accuse!" and the target person was killed shortly thereafter.  It's a tried and true method, and it works.  

If you're in the military, the smartest thing you can do if you are accused - that is, read your rights - is to keep silent, provide no statements, and get a civilian lawyer.  

This won't stop the SJA from making up facts, but with a civilian lawyer involved it makes their case harder.  The problem is most military members think the SJA is their friend,  not true; they are the enemy.  The SJA is the prosecutor they want you to talk so they can hang you with your own words.  The SJA is the commander's lawyer, not yours.  Important - Don't let the Area Defense Counsel be a participant.  That person is just another wolf in sheep's clothing.  If you say something to an ADC, the SJA will know it.  It isn't hard to figure out,  the SJA and the ADC both work for the same people.  The numbers game is still in play.  If the ADC plays along and lets his folks get convicted, then maybe he can become part of the prosecution team.  This is how SJAs get promoted.  There is no possible way to get a fair hearing with both sides working for the same end.  

There is no justice in military justice.

Captain amErika has been 'protected' so far.  So will it continue?  The December 16, 2002, issue of US News and World Report, had a cover story titled "Unequal Justice, Why America's Military Courts are Stacked to Convict."  The writer, Ed Pound, spoke with me (and Captain amErika) about the Captain amErika circus, but declined to put the information in print.  I will not speculate about his (or his editor's) reasons.  However, Captain amErika is a hot topic.  Will the system work as usual for a 'protected' person or will the light of the media make the SJA consider the UCMJ first?  It's funny how people will change how they operate when someone is looking over their shoulder.  I'm sure the ACLU will love the pictures of Captain amErika committing sodomy - and the lack of Air Force prosecution.  Could it mean sodomy is an offense of the past?  Maybe the case of LtCol Brian Bodnar, USAF should be reviewed if Captain amErika goes free.  LtCol Bodnar was convicted by a court martial for committing sodomy and is currently in prison.

During the next few weeks the most important decision regarding Captain amErika's future will be made by LtGen Carlson.  He will need to review and approve the Inspector General report on Captain amErika's behavior.  As the complainant, Bruce is required to provide me a response.  Bruce will need to decide if the matter should be passed to the SJA for prosecution or dismiss the whole matter.  If Bruce dismisses the matter, there will be new players invited to the dance, the DoD, Congress, and the media.  Bruce will have to defend his position and that could cost him.  The safe decision is to hand the matter over to the SJA for them to begin her out-processing.  The SJA activity should take a few months but will eventually force Captain amErika from the Air Force.  

If she is fed to the SJA, the first casualty will be her promotion line number.  She'll never be a Major even though she was selected many months ago.  How the SJA handles her case will really show how the Air Force deals with adultery, fraternization, failure to pay debts, and sodomy.  I can hardly wait.

Sarge says:

Col LeEllen Cocher was sent to 'supervise' at the Pentagon.  (Actually, the Pentagon keeps the lawyers over at Bolling AFB because they can't stand the smell.  Since Bolling is close to the Blue Plains sewage plant, the Air Force leadership felt the lawyers would feel closer to home.)

DeEllen's departure from Tyndall may just have been a normal rotation.  However, the "real" reason might have been the case that was overturned by the Board of Corrections for Military Records.  It is very rare that a BCMR review completely overturns a legal finding.  Seems a physician's assistant (Captain) was railroaded by DeEllen and was forced out of the service.  The PA appealed and the Board found that DeEllen suppressed evidence and totally ignored the facts of the case.  The PA was re-instated, got back pay and is now waiting to pin on Lieutenant Colonel.  This is just one case where DeEllen fucked up.  How many more were there?  Just shows you can't trust any JA.

LeEllen is fighting the UCMJ ban on sodomy - she says that Article 125 is necessary for discipline in the Air Force.  LeEllen was fully aware of Captain amErika's violation - is still aware, the pictures of violation of Article 125 are still available for anyone who wants to see. Apparently, Captain amErika has received a special dispensation from Air Force lawyers to violate the UCMJ.  Don't you wish you were protected from the law?

LeEllen Coacher ’84, a Colonel in the Air Force, was referenced in the October 13, 2003, National

Law Journal. The headlines read Gay rights ruling gets test in military—A sodomy case is heard on

appeal. Coacher argued against, civilian counsel, veteran military defense attorney, Frank Spinner of

Colorado Springs, CO, and his amici supporters, represented by Stuart Delery of Washington’s Wilmer,

Cutler & Pickering. The appeal pertained to former Technical Sgt. Eric P. Marcum’s conviction by

court-martial on sex-related charges. - South Dakotan Lawyer 2004  (This was submitted by De Ellen to promote herself.)


Air Force Col. LeEllen Coacher, the government's lead attorney on the case, urged the court not to overturn Article 125, saying it helps maintain good order, discipline and unit cohesion. The Marcum case involved relationships between a superior and subordinates and had a strongly negative impact on unit cohesiveness, Coacher said. "There is clearly a compelling reason for upholding the conviction in this case," she said. Spinner countered that the Supreme Court ruled that consensual sodomy should not be criminal conduct, and argued that the military doesn't need the sodomy statute to regulate improper conduct between subordinates and superiors. The military law prohibiting sodomy "adds nothing," he said.  - Army Times Oct 20,  2003


Put her desk closest to the ventilator, she stinks.

So, LeEllen Cocher thinks sodomy is bad for the Air Force.  Why wasn't she interested in the proof provided by the original webmaster back in 2002?  It was sent directly to her office and ignored.  Captain amErika as protected again.  Guess Larry New told Cocher not to do anything.  Not surprising.  That jerk realized it wouldn't get him promoted any faster.  

DeEllen's hypocrisy mirrors Larry New's.  Just shows to go ya, that DeEllen can't be trusted.  A sodomy conviction dropped in her lap, with pictures, but no prosecution.  It's clear she was told to stand down.  NO AIR FORCE LAWYER CAN BE TRUSTED.  


Even the OSI was initially told to stand down.  They are conducting surveillance on Captain amErika, but it's just following orders.  They won't find anything.  Even with both hands they won't find anything.  Just try talking to them - You won't get a straight answer.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Det 419
Special Agent Jack Sheet
 Special Agent Douglas Hartwell
340 Louisiana Ave, Building 1613
(850) 283-3261

You can ask why nothing was done, or you can simply send a Freedom of Information Act Request.  If you wish to find out more about the case, I will be happy to provide a release of information to you, and the OSI, so you will be able to see exactly what the OSI does for you.  They did nothing about Captain amErika's death threat except produce some paperwork.  Special Agent Hartwell explained it as a "zero" case.   Certainly, the OSI could be described as a 'zero with no rim' and the 'zero' case explains the OSI.  I've watched them for over 20 years trying to get a firm grasp of the obvious.  I doubt if 20 more years will make a difference.

Conclusion:  The time OSI spent on my case would probably have been better used looking for shoplifters at the Base Exchange (BX).

Or please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about the death threat Larry New, the OSI,  and the Air Force Intelligence Agency (AIA) have ignored.  The lack of concern by senior Air Force officers constitutes approval of her actions.  Remember this if you are in the military and need protection from an abusive spouse.  Air Force policy clearly shows any death threat will get attention only after the person threatened is dead.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Special Agent Jim Robertson
FBI, Panama City, FL
(850) 873-3702
Special Agent Mario Hernandez
FBI, Austin, TX
(512) 345-1111


or the real fucker himself -    (one of these pictures is an official Air Force Photo)


LG Michael V. Hayden, USAF

(301) 688-5951 or (301)688-7860
or use the Force

Or give the jedi knight's attorney a call:  Leo Moodaspaw 

(410) 266-0544, (301) 953-8840, (301) 261-8671

Daddy DIRNSA hasn't issued a denial so why the fuck should I remove this?  I heard Captain amErika say she had sex with Yoda or Hayden, (they both look the same to me).  Let Yoda/Mick deny it and then let's see what my witness has to say.  Leo, if you want a disclaimer inserted, take a piece of paper with the word 'disclaimer' printed on it and fold it until it is all corners.  Then you can insert it in your disposition.

You can tell from the picture Captain amErika was desperate for promotion.  She had to be.  You can tell she was desperate for some kind of sex when she blew an ugly, fat guy in the parking lot of the "Runway" on the evening of August 26th, 2002.

Kelly Flinn was an Air Force Lieutenant forced out of the service because of adultery.  Captain amErika committed adultery (and sodomy - and assault, the death threat) and was given a choice assignment and promoted to Major.  Some review is obviously needed.

Of course - Contact your US Representative or US Senator to let them know about this travesty. 

The Air Force claims to adhere to a higher standard 

- it's a lie!



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