The United States Air Force makes a lot of noise about spouses and children being part of the Air Force family.  That is just another institutionalized lie.  The Air Force is remarkably unhelpful when dependents make claims against a service member.  My experience has shown complaints are handled by sending the complainant a letter that says 'the matter is being looked at" and nothing further happens.

My original complaint letter of April 27, 2001 received the following the following response:

There was no action deemed necessary.  A second letter was sent in June requesting specific action such as replying to my correspondence, taking action for Captain amErika's non-payment of debt, and fulfilling her responsibilities to have my dependent ID card renewed.  No response was ever received.

This is the favorite was Air Force commanders handle difficult correspondence.  By ignoring the problem, it might just go away.  The unofficial motto should be:

There is no problem too big that can't be run away from.

After receiving no response from the 70th Wing at NSA, I eventually (October, 2001) resorted to Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain any documents pertaining to me and Captain amErika.  Another letter, the third, was sent to the 70th Wing adding adultery and failure to support a spouse to the list of growing offenses.

One of the responses to the Freedom of Information Act requests was a report of investigation done by Captain Chiquita England of the 70th Wing.  Large blocks of text were removed from the investigation and rendered the document useless.  Surprisingly, Ms. Melissa Williams, Captain amErika's attorney for the Texas divorce, provided some information from the investigation during the divorce proceedings (Feb 03).  Ms. Williams told the judge the investigation performed by England stated Captain amErika had done no wrong since the sodomy shown in the pictures and video tape was performed consensually and while married.  This statement is in direct conflict with Article 125 of the UCMJ.  Article 125 states:  Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy.  The article says nothing about the persons being married or whether or not the matter is consensual.  Captain England has single-handedly changed the meaning of this article in the UCMJ.  What is worse, Captain Brian Wickham, the 70th Wing Staff Judge Advocate, concurred with the investigation.  Captain amErika emerged unscathed from this investigation and went on to Tyndall AFB in a select assignment.

In December, 2001, follow-up letters were sent asking why there had been no response on the previous Freedom of Information Act requests.  A separate letter was sent to SAF/IGQ asking why the 70th Wing refused to reply to my letters.

The letter to the Air Force IG got the 70th Wing commander's attention and I finally got a reply from the 70th Wing.  It didn't explain anything.  It looked as if he needed more time for this to blow over so the problem could be buried.

Seems the guy couldn't wait to wash his hands of the mess and sent the following letter a couple of weeks later.  I could almost picture him putting his hands over his ears and saying, "I know nothing."


This is the 'assistance' a person can expect from the Air Force when a spouse fails to pay debts, commits adultery, doesn't provide support, and commits sodomy.

All this crap was just a prelude to Captain amErika's antics at Tyndall AFB, Florida.  After all my complaints were ignored, Captain amErika graduated from the Junior Officer Career Cryptologic Program (JOCCP) and got assigned to a new Air Intelligence Agency function at Tyndall (April, 2002).  Let's see, she dumps her husband and fucks her boss, then (surprise) she gets a prime command billet in a resort location.  Go figure.

Things remained quiet until Captain amErika was seen 'making out' in the parking lot of the Runway Sports Bar in Panama City, Florida.  There were lots of Air Force spectators.  This information was passed to Captain amErika's superiors and a new investigation was begun.  The information about the investigation is on the IG Investigation page.

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