Captain amErika (Erika Proctor) accepted an Article 15 punishment for sodomy.  She was removed from active duty in 2004, but permitted to remain in the Air Force Reserve despite her sexual offense due to the influence of General Michael V. Hayden, her sex partner.

The results of the Inspector General investigation were a long time coming.  My complaint letter was sent on August 28, 2002, and the Air Force finally replied on January 29, 2003.  This shows the speed and effectiveness of Air Force bureaucracy.

On the IG Investigations page, mention was made of the interrogation by Carlson's colonel-drone on October 17, 2002.  It was clear the colonel-drone did not understand the offenses or was trying to ignore them through real or feigned stupidity.  The colonel-drone called me over a dozen times for clarification of major points - and still failed to comprehend the facts.  In an effort to stop these meaningless and stupid phone calls, a letter was sent to Colonel Dennis Lange, 8th Air Force Inspector General to provide an extensive explanation of the complaints against Captain amErika.


It took the IG several months to digest these facts and basically ignore them.  The findings show the Inspector General is not your friend and will ignore anything be a 'smoking gun.'  In this case, Captain amErika was smoking a different kind of joint.  It was very hard to ignore the video and pictures of Captain amErika performing sodomy, so there was some mitigating language.  It just goes to prove you can't trust and IG.  There is no integrity in the Air Force, no honor and no higher standard.  The key is obviously who you know and who you blow.

The IG response:


So what is the result?  The conclusion is Captain amErika committed sodomy.  Everything else was dismissed.  HOWEVER,  the matter of non-payment of debt, non-payment of spousal support, security violations and conduct unbecoming was remanded to her commander at Lackland AFB, TX.  

What does this tell a person who knows nothing about the Air Force?  It means stay out.  It means there is no justice and even if evidence is presented, it will be ignored.  Captain amErika is still being treated as a 'favorite.'  Her punishment (if any) will be mild and unavailable to the general populace.  This type of cover up is just what the FOIA should be used for.  There will be FOIAs sent to the Staff Judge Advocate office at Lackland AFB and AIA requesting information on court maritals and Article 15s that occurred at Lackland.  Although the name of the individual who has been punished is withheld, the rank and unit are a matter of public record.  Anyone can request this information.  The SJA bureaucracy moves very slowly.  Punishment for a minor infraction takes months.  Any action taken against Captain amErika will happen in the near future but the record will not be available for several months.  Summertime would be a good time to request this information.

The focus of the investigation -

Uniform Code of Military Justice - ART. 125. SODOMY

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration , however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

 (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Please note the punitive article from the UCMJ is quoted in full.  There is no exemption for being married, or being drunk, or performing this act heterosexually or with a spouse.  The video tape shows multiple acts of sodomy over a series of years.  The sheer number of occurrences in the tape and her obvious proficiency, show her exercise of sodomitic acts couldn't possibly be 'an isolated instance.'  The act itself is a crime under the UCMJ.  Since this article of the UCMJ is the primary tool of the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) to remove homosexuals from the service, the ACLU Gay and Lesbian Rights Project has been asked to monitor the application of the UCMJ in this circumstance.  If Air Force lawyers determine heterosexual sodomy is acceptable, there is a problem with "equal protection" under the law as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution for gay/lesbian service members.  The questions will be - Should Captain amErika be sacrificed for an outdated sodomy law to keep gays and lesbians out of the military?  The folks who gamble will put the smart money on expelling Captain amErika from the Air Force - - in order to maintain the status quo against gays and lesbians.  Wouldn't it be ironic if heterosexual sodomy led to the acceptance of gays/lesbians in the military?  In any case, Article 125 is absurd.

Captain amErika received punishment for violating this article.  Captain amErika accepted non-judicial punishment (Article 15) in lieu of a court-martial.

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